Tough Situation

Barcelona’s situation is so tough that every euro we get will have to go directly to one of its creditors. Worryingly, the club owes much more in the short term﹙€602m﹚than what we can generate﹙84m﹚. To survive with our current ownership model, a lot of determination and bravery will be needed, and clear ideas since every cent counts.

One of the most indispensable targets will be to heavily reduce the wage bill, by around 40%. Barça have the most expensive squad in the world, with, for example, a 5th centre-back with higher salaries than the starting defender in the European champions. Huge expenses that are also producing no results. Sales and reductions are key.

It is obvious that Barça’s plan must be based around La Masia. Players who ʿcanʾ be good but have an undefined role and cost a lot, like Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann or Samuel Umtiti among others, will have to be sold. We must stop thinking about hypothetical quality as we must act now and wait for no one. Ansu Fati or Pedri have way lower wages and are the present and future. Alex Collado, Jandro, Alex Balde, Inaki Pena…La Masia is a must.

Many more things to do sporting wise: recover loanees, possibly only free transfers like Eric Garcia…It’s not enough to say we trust La Masia, but do it with people who truly will. Also, the club will have to renegotiate the terms and time limits for the debt payment, and make unpopular decisions like using assets﹙Camp Nou, etc.﹚as a guarantee for banks to allow us to pay them in the long-term. War economy: Barça reduced to the bare minimum to try to survive.

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