The time is up for Setién.

The time is up for Quique Setién. And, admittedly, he hasn’t done much to prevent it. Another question is whether he could have done something, or if he was just a prey of the club’s incompetence and the squad’s unbalanced hierarchies. But in terms of merits to stay, Setién has done very little to earn any continuity.

It feels like Setién has hurt his own reputation more than Barça’s. Because, while Barcelona was already dead and ruined, Quique has shown a palpable lack of personality to try to turn the ship around. The fatally historic 2•8 loss will forever appear with his name under it, as so will a trophyless season. But more than any result, which may have been inevitable, it looks like Setién has let himself down.

Reviewing his quotes in his first press conference after his appointment would be rubbing salt in the wound. It is clear by now that his promises of nothing but entertaining champagne football have not been met. Probably by then he did not know of the limitations he would face in what he described as his dream job, but it seems evident that he wasn’t prepared for it.

The ¨die with my own principles¨ has certainly not remained, and the 4•4•2, tactics or team selection seemed more Valverdian than anything. At Las Palmas and Betis it had been completely different, so this hints at the pressure or circumstances having had a greater influence than Quique’s preferences. Yet Setién has not imposed himself, and while I would have loved to have him since the start of the season, he doesn’t seem the solution at all. A new, bold coach with power and that knows the club, but with a new board, should be the way to go.


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