Spanish Supercup

Normally, the Spanish Supercup would be the most insignificant of all titles. This year, though, we see everything differently. Now the Supercup is, realistically and also objectively, the most accessible trophy for us. Two wins, and champions. A piece of silverware we dearly need and which we haven’t tasted in over a year and a half, meaning ages ago, with 2019’s La Liga.

We need trophies like water. Whether that is the Champions League or the Supercup, we are desperate for them. Okay, the Supercup is not comparable to the Champions, not even the Copa del Rey, but at this point, to retain our status as a serious competitive team we need to at least show we can return to the top spot of a competition.

Winning the trophy would give this project much more credibility, proving that we are improving and our rivals should start being worried. Enough jokes, Barça is back. Imagine if we won against Real Sociedad and then Real Madrid﹙although I wouldn’t mind if Athletic Club beat them﹚and we claimed the title. It would be a huge confidence boost ahead of the second and most important half of the season.

Furthermore, even if this is just a minor tournament, I am also thinking of Lionel Messi. He loves Barça and he said that the decision on his future will depend on whether he can see this team and project leading to titles. I think that, if Joan Laporta becomes president, he will stay regardless or not we win this Supercup and he finds happiness in immediately winning a trophy again. But in any case, the Supercup can mean much more for us than what its prestige could suggest.

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