One man down

One man down. After the verification process, one of the precandidates who appeared to make the cut now abandons the race. Emili Rousaud presented on Monday 2,501 signatures, a slim margin from the 2,257 required. As days passed, suspicions increased and Rousaud told his closest ones that, for signatures declared null, there were many chances they would fall short in the end.

To increase his possibilities, Rousaud wanted to form alliances by teaming up with other precandidates or candidates. Both Rousaud and Toni Freixa seemed to agree on joining forces, with the former as vice president and the latter president in case they won the elections. Since official candidates can’t join each other, Rousaud had to step down as a candidate before today.

However, after Rousaud consulted his team, and following rumours on a signature for Agusti Benedito being among his, they decided to completely give up on the race out of “dignity” even before the club had finished verifying the signatures. Rousaud cried in a press conference today explaining this. Freixa later said he never agreed on alliances, but Rousaud showed his WhatsApp conversation. I’m not sure about Rousaud’s credibility, but Freixa certainly is a liar.

Without Rousaud, at first an “unexpected candidate”, Barça have now officially announced the signatures from each candidate. 9,625 of Joan Laporta’s 10,272 presented signatures were valid, 4,431 from Victor Font’s 4,713, and 2,634 from Freixa’s 2,822. All 3 have had around 6-7% of signatures invalidated, a normal figure. Laporta, Font and the Nunist enemy. Fight!

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