No margin for error

The final countdown for La Liga starts tomorrow, and now there will really be no margin for error. It has been a rollercoaster of a campaign for all teams, but after the last international break, we now enter into the final weeks where everything will be at stake. With 10 matches to go, there is a lot left to play for.

With only 6 points separating three sides(before Real Madrid beat Eibar yesterday), and with Atletico de Madrid holding a 2-point lead over us, what will happen until matchday 38 is totally unpredictable. If we keep with our recent form, of 12 wins and one draw in the last 13 fixtures, we would pretty surely be proclaimed champions.

But that will be the challenge. I personally don’t think we can maintain such flawless streak, because the normal thing would be to slip up once and more than once. Yet as long as we drop less points than our rivals, and beat both, then that will be enough to win the trophy. As obvious, next Satuday’s El Clasico in Madrid, and particularly the Camp Nou clash against Atleti in matchday 35, will determine a lot.

However, it’s about focusing on the day-to-day, on not slowing down and not letting any lapses of concentration or mistakes condemn us. A home duel against Valladolid can mean as much as any of the encounters against our direct competitors. After having underestimated the league title during the period in which we were winning it routinely, recovering the crown this year would mean a lot. Small details will make a huge difference.

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