It’s all roses right now

It’s all roses right now. There is euphoria for the return of a Barça, in terms of model and philosophy, that should have never left and was trapped by people that wanted to degrade it simply out of rage. But what Sandro Rosell and Co. wanted, to make the Cruyffism look bad, has only strengthened what we all know: the Cruyffism is indispensable.

However, do not expect to now live in a world of peace. There are many conservative journalists from Mundo Deportivo and Grupo Godó who hate Joan Laporta, not because he has done anything wrong, but because he has done many things right. And they can’t bear that Laporta’s Cruyffism, the opposed ideology to the one they defend, is so evidently successful.

Laporta will make mistakes. He will make unpopular decisions. There will be defeats. It will be then when some media will be ready to blame him, hurt him. Journalism will assume a role it shouldn’t correspond to it. They should be here to inform, make sensible and independent debates, but they will simply act as the opposition to Laporta.

Sports journalism knows nothing about economics or how to pay the debt. So they will not talk about it. They will allocate all their time to their phobias and to destabilising Laporta. They won’t even wait to see what he does in his first 100 days to judge — some have already used videos out of context, or found any negatives from their new president. It is a shame as only with unity rather than self-destruction we would be stronger. But us, fans, must turn a deaf ear to that an support Laporta through the good and, especially, the bad times.

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