He is coming home

He is coming home. He is coming home. I may have to pinch myself to check this is not a dream, but Eric García is coming home! In a two-horse race for a wonderkid, one has been pulled out of the race, as Pep Guardiola has confirmed Eric will not renew his contract with Man City, which expires in 2021: “He announced to us he doesn’t want to extend his contract. I imagine he wants to play in another place”. This story can only have one outcome, and it involves Eric dressed in blaugrana.

Lately Eric García had become a regular in City’s starting XI and actually was a strong candidate to start against Real Madrid. But the teenager has wanted to sacrifice that for his dream of playing for his hometown club, Barcelona. Now the board must not let him down.

One year left in his contract, and Barça can either sign him now for a reduced fee, or wait a year to get him for free. However, it looks like the first option will prevail, according to several news and with reports that Eric may not play anymore with the Citizens this season.

Honestly, I can’t believe this is happening. Out of all the gems that have left La Masía in recent years, Eric’s departure possibly was the one that hurt the most. Take Kubo too, I would bring Mateu Morey back without thinking twice, Robert Navarro, Pablo Moreno…But Eric is something else. Not only is he 19 years old, an extraordinarily wise and tactical centre-back, and tailormade for Barça – he is captain material too. Hopefully this summer rather than next one, but Eric García will be back to the Camp Nou.

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