Gerard Pique

Generally speaking, Pique’s 19/20 season has not been too dissimilar from the 18/19. An unsteady start, very high peaks, and a very poor ending that, in the eyes of fans, seems to ruin everything that preceded it.

His performances have been somewhat inconsistent, as a consequence of his ageing and a varying context, but there have certainly been many more good games than bad. His displays towards the middle and end of the season were excellent and, if he could replicate such level consistently, there would be few reasons for him to be on the bench.

One of the things that undervalue Piqué on the field and get him critics off it is his nonchalance. His authority, his ¨I am the boss¨ personality. He transmits superiority, which gets exhibited, for example, in dealing with lateral crosses. A towering presence, he is one of the best there. When centre-backs age, they tend to feel more comfortable on the box rather than outside it, and the Catalan is one of the best inside his own penalty area.

But what Piqué appreciates the most is that his team is compact. A bit like Busquets, he has always struggled when he has to cover great distances, because he is not too fast. But on and off the ball, technically and positionally, he is close to the ideal Barça centre-back. In my opinion, he can still be very valuable and, if we can have him alternating with Eric García, he will be more fresh and it will be a win-win.

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