Neymar was mocked

During 3 seasons Neymar was mocked. For trying to escape Messi’s shadow and only winning domestic titles in the so-called farmers league. For injuries and parties at his sister’s birthday. For European eliminations in which he was unfit to get involved. But, in the end, since 2017 it has been Ney, not Barça, who has reached the Champions League final.

Yes, PSG have splashed the cash. Yes, they have signed tons of superstars. Yes, they have failed again and again. But doesn’t this apply to Barcelona too? Being rich attracts many haters, and being good often too. But for Neymar, it should be impossible to hate his football. He has fun and then has endless resources to translate his infinite creativity into something productive.

Genius and team were freed today, and as mature as few other times in such stages. They had complete superiority through their outstanding talent, but then felt no pressure to execute their plan. PSG shocked Leipzig with their pressing, forcing and searching for mistakes in the opposition. And for a defender, it’s easy to get scared when facing such a fearsome attack.

As well as Neymar, Di María has just been brutal. His controls and golden touches are completely perfect each time. 6 years after being the MOTM in Madrid’s final win of the Champions League, el Fideo is ready to conquer it in Lisbon again. Mbappé, Verratti seemingly fit…Bayern look too strong, if they manage to beat Lyon first of course, but PSG just have a super team. Neymar must be smiling.

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