Crucial stage

The vote of no confidence is in a crucial stage, but in a better situation than when it started. To remove the current board from the power 16,521 signatures of club members, or socis, are needed before 17 September. With many people arriving from holidays lately, the signatures and the optimism have increased.

Achieving the vote of no confidence is very difficult. 16,521 is a significant portion of the club’s 140,000 members eligible to vote. Some years ago the required number was far lower before Sandro Rosell changed the bylaws to reduce the possibilities of votes of no confidence happening. Now it is an old-fashioned process designed to make the vote of no confidence impossible, requiring handwritten signatures, photocopies of ID, in-person attendance and no e-signature.

Furthermore, many people live outside Barcelona, and the local Barça councils, or penyes, are usually controlled by Bartomeu’s side. Also, with the COVID, it’s almost like they have to go door to door to collect signatures. But with a group of members that has been mobilising for months, and with the support of precandidates Víctor Font, Jordi Farré and Lluís Fernández Alà, the vote of no confidence succeeding is a more likely scenario.

Unfortunately, that would not be enough to kick the board out. A referendum would take place, with 66.6% of favourable votes needed. If that occurred, the board would stop making decisions by October, before a Managing Commission would take over and would have to determine a date for elections within 3 months. So a very long process if the board is to leave before the normal elections on March 20 and 21.

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