Carles Tusquets is to blame

The chances of the elections being held on the 24th look increasingly slim. And Carles Tusquets is to blame. On 27 October, Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned and the new Managing Commission had 40–90 days to call for elections. The elections could have occurred in December, with less restrictions, but 90 days will have passed and the temporary board will not have fulfilled its only job.

For these elections, new measures were approved to have 10 different venues for voting rather than only one. But restrictions in Catalonia mean that, until the 25th, people will not be able to leave their municipality, not even to vote. As you can guess, 10 venues are not enough for all people who live across many different towns.

44% of voting socis live in the province of Barcelona but not its city. So, from a start, >45% of members would simply be unable to vote. But it’s not only that. Socis have an average age of over 60 years, which means many people are old and belonging to risk groups. Thus, the % of participation would be terribly low and antidemocratic for such crucial elections.

Tusquets should have asked for mail voting in exceptional circumstances despite the statuses not allowing it, but it’s too late. If safety and democracy can’t be guaranteed, they will be postponed. Now, with 3 candidates, they should reach consensus on the 2 most urgent decisions: Eric Garcia / transfers and the club’s liquidity problem. We must all act unitedly and without self-interest. More news to follow tomorrow when Barça will reunite with the government to discuss whether or not to hold the elections.

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